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Working Environment

Respect differences

At BSL, we determine: Employees are the most valuable and important resource. We respect the unique value of each individual and encourage them to constantly pursue progress to become the best version of themselves.

Flexible and

We always appreciate fresh perspectives from our employees, as well as encourage them to confidently share their knowledge and spread their best values to those around them. In any job, flexible thinking, creativity and a willingness to adapt to change will motivate us to explore new possibilities and bring us closer to our goal of success.

Honest and Open

We understand that open and honest communication is essential to achieving a healthy and positive work environment. Taking building trust as the foundation, we always strive to create a working environment where members can share different perspectives in a cooperative and constructive manner.

Work-Life Balance

We believe that building a healthy and balanced working environment will have a positive role in the physical and mental health of our employees. Accordingly, we prioritize the development of policies that support and encourage members to balance work and family responsibilities, as well as spend time participating in social and community activities.



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