Sale &

Sale &

Sales and Lease back is the activity where BSL purchases the assets owned by the customer then leases such assets to the customer under finance lease contract so that the customer can continue to use such assets for their business and/ or production activities.

Why choose this Method?

  • Enhance working capital
  • Restructure short-term and long-term funds
  • Attractive lease interest

Sale &
lease-back Sale &


Process Process


Legal Documents

  • Enterprise Registration Certificate
  • Company Charter
  • Licenses for Conditional Business (if required)
  • Documents proving that the business operates in compliance with the law in certain fields (if required)

Financial Documents

  • Financial Statement (audited or tax report) of the latest 02 years and the last quarter (including notes to financial statement)
  • Other documents depending on each case

Project Documents

  • Project license (if any)
  • Meeting minutes and resolution/decision on the selection of finance lease and supplier
  • Investment plan for leased assets
  • Assets purchase memorandum with the supplier or the quotation from the supplier



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