Finance lease for end-user

Finance lease for end-user

Finance lease for end-user is the finance lease of assets to the customer who will directly use such leased assets to their business and/ or production activities.

Why choose this Method?

  • Effective utilization and diversification of funds
  • Secure credit limits from banks
  • High financing ratio
  • No need collateral as normal loan
  • Flexible lease term
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Attractive lease interest
  • Timely adaptation to technology change
  • Control of expense and depreciation
  • Reduction of administrative cost

Finance lease for end-user Finance lease for end-user

Leasing Asset Insurance

Leased assets will be insured throughout the lease term. BSL and the lessee will agree on which party will bear the insurance premium. BSL can also finance the insurance premium of the assets if the lessee bears such insurance premium. In addition, BSL coordinates with insurance companies that are subsidiaries or affiliates / have long-term cooperation relationships with the two parent banks to provide insurance services for leased assets to bring comprehensive solution for customers.


Process Process


Legal Documents

  • Enterprice Registration Certificate

  • Company Charter

  • Licenses for Conditional Business (if required)

  • Documents proving that the business operates in compliance with the law in certain fields (if required)

Financial Documents

  • Financial Statement (audited or tax report) of the latest 02 years and the last quarter (including notes to financial statement)
  • Other documents depending on each case.

Project Documents

  • Project license (if any)
  • Documents proving the legality/validity of the asset investment plan and supplier selection (for example: Resolution of the Board of Directors or Decision of the enterprise’s owner on the financial leasing plan and supplier selection)
  • Investment plan for leased assets
  • Assets purchase memorandum with the supplier or the quotation from the supplier


Continue to lease of leased assets means the customer continues to rent the leased assets after the end of the previous lease term with the asset value and new lease conditions agreed upon by BSL and the lessee at the time of appraisal for continue to lease.
Customers can choose to continue to lease the leased assets at the time of signing the lease contract or reserve the right to choose before the end of the lease contract.

It depends on the terms and conditions agreed in the lease contract between lessor and lessee, but basically there are 3 cases:

1. Lessee purchases the leased asset with the amount agreed by both sides and both sides end the lease contract.
2. Lessee continues to lease the leased asset with value/ terms agreed by both sides.
3. Lessee returns the leased asset to the BSL.

In principle, the lease contract is irrevocable. However, in some inevitable situations and depending on the terms and conditions of the lease contract between BSL and lessee, lessee can make early termination of the lease contract with condition that they have to pay all remaining outstanding and/ or early termination fees an return the leased asset to BSL


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