Cooperating with suppliers

Cooperating with suppliers

Cooperating with suppliers is the finance lease where BSL co-operates with supplier(s) – the distributor(s) of various equipment and machines to provide funding (under the financial leasing method) to the customers buying their products.

Why choose this Method?

  • Avoid collection risk: supplier does not directly provide credit to their customers, because BSL will make payment of the assets’s price to the supplier.
  • Expand sales: with additional financing method, supplier can Expand their sales to their customers.
  • Sell products accompanying with value added services: BSL will support supplier to Sell products with value added services such as maintenance, etc. as a part of finance lease package.
  • Retain customer: BSL helps supplier to consult new equipment/ replaced equipment to customer at the time of expiry of lease term.

Cooperating with suppliers Cooperating with suppliers


Process Process


Legal Documents

– Enterprice Registration Certificate

– Company Charter

– Licenses for Conditional Business (if required)

– Documents proving that the business operates in compliance with the law in certain fields (if required)

Financial Documents

– Financial Statement (audited or tax report) of the latest 02 years and the last quarter (including notes to financial statement)

– Information of: i) Recieveables from customers/partners; ii) Payable to suppliers/ partners; iii) Inventories; iv) Debts obligation situation for the latest year; v) long-term assets for the latest year

– Statement of VAT in the latest year and quartre

– Input and outputs agreements with some major partners

– Bank Account statement for the last 6 months at least

Project Documents

– Project license (if any)
– Meeting minutes and resolution/decision on the selection of finance lease and supplier
– Investment plan for leased assets
– assets purchase memorandum with the supplier or the quotation from the supplier



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