BIDV is the largest and prestigious joint-stock commercial bank with over 65 years of service in Vietnam, providing various services as commercial banking, securities market service, insurance, life insurance, asset management, and financial leasing products.

SuMi TRUST Bank is the largest and leading trust bank group in Japan with almost 100 years of service in the domestic and global financial market, and owns a leasing business arm that has developed a variety of leasing products for over 50 years.

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BIDV – SuMi TRUST Leasing Company

BIDV-SuMi TRUST Leasing Co., Ltd (BSL) is a prominent company in the financial leasing industry, offering professional financing solutions for enterprises in Vietnamese market.

BSL possesses substantial financial resources with unwavering support from esteemed strategic shareholders, including two renowned banks from Vietnam and Japan – Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam (BIDV) and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited (SuMi TRUST Bank).

BSL boasts an extensive nationwide network with a seasoned management team with extensive experience in both the Vietnamese, Japanese and international financial markets. This enables BSL to consistently strive for innovation, introducing a diverse range of flexible and competitive services. Our objective is to provide customers with exceptional financial products that cater to their unique requirements.

Message from CEO

Nguyễn Thiều Sơn

Chief Executive Officer

At BSL, we not only aim for conventional business goals but also prioritize a higher and more important purpose – creating positive impact and sustainable development for Vietnamese society. We believe that Financial Leasing is a service that contributes positively to drive sustainable development of both the economy and society.

As a joint venture between two leading financial institutions in Vietnam and Japan, BIDV and SuMi TRUST, we leverage the advantages of knowledge, experience, and extensive business networks to flexibly meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Throughout our development process, we always balance growth, safety, and sustainable development in the broad sense, encompassing the harmonization of interests among relevant parties, contributing to the sustainable development of society, and using resources in harmony for future generations… to become a reliable financial leasing company.

From our beginnings as a new joint venture in the financial leasing field, BSL has quickly established itself as a trustworthy brand, with outstanding growth rate and flexibility in meeting the financial leasing needs of customers.

With a solid foundation based on adherence to rules and regulations, we aim for a new stage of development with a Sustainable Development strategy, focusing particularly on three important aspects: Environment, Society and Governance.

To achieve these goals, we focus on building a team of professional finance personnel, on the foundation of an advanced corporate culture with the harmony of values such as Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, and Collaboration.

With determination and effort to become the leading financial leasing company in Vietnam, we believe that BSL will continue to take new steps in development, bring value, and contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and society, primarily by bringing added value to all relevant stakeholders.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our gratitude for the support, assistance, and cooperation from all customers, partners, and relevant parties.


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Key Finance Indicators

The Story of Our Logo

BSL logo originates from cooperation between BIDV and SuMi TRUST. It consists of two elements: the symbol mark and the logotype.

As for the symbol mark, two colored circle indicates harmonious combination, continuous connection and the closest relationship. Additionally, stylized letter B designed by an integration of letter B, S and L shows sustainable and powerful cooperation between two major banks with strength in different domains. Co – ordinated with the logotype of BSL in all, it creates one strong, unified value between BIDV and SuMi TRUST in leasing business.

Regard to color, BSL logo is created from three core colors of BIDV and SuMi TRUST. Color of rich blue not only is the featured BIDV’s blue but also illustrates the future hope and increasing growth. While color of light blue is SuMi TRUST’s featured blue – the “Future Blue” which implies the prosperous opportunity in leasing market in Vietnam. Combined with the warm color of red represents both the featured BIDV’s red and the rising sun implying Japan – the host country of SuMi TRUST, showing a higher and further development.

Since April 26, 2022, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has implemented its new brand identity. The BSL logo is inspired by the previous logo of BIDV, aiming to showcase the historical significance at the time of the brand’s formation.