Insufficient capital and collateral
hinder business expansion

  • Limited expansion potential due to restricted self-capital and difficulties in increasing capital for medium and long-term asset investment purposes.

  • Challenges in providing collateral assets for long-term loans.

  • Difficulty in obtaining working capital while having unmortgaged operating assets.

  • Low credit limits, additional operating capital needed.


BSL's financial solutions focus on addressing the medium and long-term capital mobilization needs of businesses, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses with investment needs in new assets and the need to supplement working capital without affecting their credit limits.

No collaterals needed

No collaterals needed

You can receive significant funding to develop your business idea without the need for collateral.

High financial ratio

High financial ratio

You have the opportunity to receive higher levels of funding compared to traditional loan options, enabling you to undertake larger projects and achieve financial goals more quickly.

Provision of working capital <br> (by using Sale & Lease back)

Provision of working capital
(by using Sale & Lease back)

You can increase your access to working capital by using Sale and Lease back, equipping you with flexible financial resources to quickly meet business needs and seize market opportunities.

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