BSL: Shaping sustainable value for the future



With a strong and comprehensive goal of transformation in organizational structure and business operations, from the early days of our establishment, BIDV-SuMi TRUST Financial Leasing Company (BSL) has defined the principle of Sustainable Development as the guiding direction in its management philosophy and business approach.

BSL and the early days of laying the foundation for sustainable development

Recognizing that sustainable development plays a vital role in creating long-term value for every business and is a concept deeply rooted in business ethics and corporate culture, BSL chose to start this long-term journey by building a strong and advanced internal system, ensuring its own sustainable development.

In 2017, during the initial phase of company restructuring, despite limited operations with a financial leasing portfolio of only around 260 billion VND, the business philosophy based on integrity, with pillars of “integrity” and “accountability” laid a solid foundation for BSL’s sustainable development.

Completing the framework of the Sustainable Development Policy

In 2021, the Sustainable Development Policy was issued by the Company’s Board of Directors, based on the foundation of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. The adoption of this policy represents a strong commitment that resonates throughout every employee of BSL.

With this policy, BSL’s important pursued targets include environmental issues, innovative industry, social infrastructure development, respect for and promotion of human values, and community engagement and contribution. These targets are concretely reflected in BSL’s annual business plans.

BSL has been gradually building a corporate culture based on business ethics, with four core values: Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, and Collaboration. Moreover, the concept of “Sustainable Development” is conveyed through goals such as green credit growth, commitments to community contributions, meaningful social welfare programs, and training and development activities for future human resources.

In particular, BSL consistently supports and prioritizes customers with projects and leases that contribute to sustainable development through innovation, technological advancements to increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, green projects, and participation in circular economy initiatives such as waste treatment.

The pursuit of betterment, aiming for sustainable development

In 2022, BSL and SuMi TRUST Bank’s equipment financing project was selected by the Japan Ministry of the Environment – the Operating Committee – Global Environment Centre to receive financial support for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) eco-leasing project between Vietnam and Japan. This is the first successful registration of a JCM eco-leasing project in Vietnam, with the goal of installing a solar power system on the roof of the Enkei Vietnam Co., Ltd. factory in Thang Long Industrial Park, Hanoi. This project provides the necessary electricity for the production process at the factory while reducing carbon emissions into the environment.

Representatives of BSL received the “Trusted Financial Service Provider” Award at the Golden Dragon Awards 2022

Also in 2022, BSL was honored as the “Trusted Financial Service Provider” at the Golden Dragon Awards 2022. The Golden Dragon Awards 2022 focused on selecting outstanding businesses in terms of business and production performance, as well as pioneers in green transformation, digital technology application, and positive social responsibility activities.

These efforts are BSL’s contribution to the prosperity of Vietnam and the global sustainable development efforts towards the goal of achieving Net-zero Carbon by 2050.

BSL is always committed to promoting activities that enhance the corporate social responsibility towards society

In 2023, BSL carried out various Corporate Social Responsibility programs through activities such as providing scholarships to underprivileged students in impoverished areas of Đạ Huoai commune, distributing livelihood support to families in difficult circumstances in Quang Nam, sponsoring medical equipment for hospitals, and providing study materials and transportation assistance to students from disadvantaged backgrounds in schools in Bac Giang and Quang Nam. These programs demonstrate BSL’s commitment to sustainable development and its efforts to enhance the corporate social responsibility towards society.

Thao Nguyen