BSL organized the Employee Conference in 2024


In compliance with the labor laws and internal regulations, on March 15, 2024, BIDV-SuMi TRUST Financial Leasing Company (BSL) organized the Employee Conference 2024 with the participation of all employees working at the company.

The Employee Conference included the following main contents: evaluating the company’s performance in 2023; goals and business development directions for 2024; reporting on the implementation of regulations and policies related to the rights and legitimate interests of employees in 2023; reporting on the activities of the BSL Trade Union in 2023 and the operational direction of the Trade Union in 2024. Within the framework of the conference, representatives of the employer (the company) and employee representatives held a direct dialogue session to share and exchange general information, as well as address any concerns and suggestions related to the employees. Additionally, the session focused on sharing the values, purpose, and vision of the company.

BSL organized the Employee Conference in 2024

Mr. Nguyen Thieu Son, CEO of BSL, as the representative of the Employer, shared the company’s performance results in 2023

For evaluating BSL’s business operations, 2023 was a challenging and volatile year due to the global economy and the specific economic situation in Vietnam. However, with the trust and support from the parent banks, customers, partners, along with the cohesive collaboration of the collective and the steadfastness in the strategic direction set by the leadership, BSL overcame the challenges and achieved positive results in 2023. The credit outstanding reached over 4,600 billion VND, with a growth rate of approximately 27%, ensuring a non-performing loan ratio below 2% and over 120% coverage ratio for non-performing loans.

In addition to business growth, BSL and the BSL Trade Union always ensure the full implementation of welfare policies to enhance the material and spiritual well-being of the workforce at BSL.

Mr. Hoang Van Phuc, Chairman of the BSL Trade Union, shared the results of the Trade Union’s activities in 2023 and outlined the direction for the Trade Union’s activities in 2024

In 2023, BSL company and the Trade Union implemented various policies aimed at enhancing the welfare of the employees and taking care of their material and spiritual well-being. BSL organized programs to care for the lives of employees and their families during holidays, showed gratitude to workers on significant company events, and engaged in diverse cultural, sports, and collective activities that aimed to improve the workers’ spiritual well-being and health.

In addition, BSL actively organized numerous activities related to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. These activities included participating in blood donation programs, the “One Million Green Trees” program, providing warmth for the poor during Tet (Lunar New Year), sponsoring schools and students who faced difficult circumstances, such as Đoàn Kết Primary School (Lam Dong), Nguyen Duy Hieu Primary School and Secondary School (Quang Nam), and Tân Sơn Primary School No. 1 (Bac Giang). They also organized initiatives to support medical equipment for hospitals and provide essential items for financially disadvantaged patients at the University of Medicine Hospital (Hanoi). In addition, the company implemented livelihood support programs for disadvantaged families in Cẩm Hà, Hội An, Quang Nam. Significantly, in 2023, BSL successfully organized a talk show titled “Gender Equality in the Workplace” – one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The election of representatives of the workforce to participate in regular dialogues

Based on the achieved results, in 2024, the collective of BSL will persistently pursue the company’s values, purpose, and vision, and commit to continue making efforts to effectively achieve business goals in order to enhance the benefits for the employees. They will further improve the working environment, while strengthening training activities and skill development for employees. Additionally, they will intensify collective movements and community activities, as well as corporate social responsibility initiatives, in pursuit of sustainable development goals.

Thao Nguyen