BSL spread the passion for knowledge to the poor commune of Da Huoai



On March 25, 2023, the Representative leader and members of the Ho Chi Minh City Branch (HCMB) of BIDV-SuMi TRUST Leasing (BSL) had a meaningful volunteer trip at Doan Ket Primary School, Doan Ket Commune, Da Huoai District, Lam Dong Province.

BSL HCMB team passed nearly 30 km from the center of Da Huoai district to reach Doan Ket Primary School. This is the only primary school in Doan Ket – a poor commune of Da Huoai where a large number of ethnic minorities are living. Despite being one of three poor communes in Da Huoai district, Doan Ket Primary School has made great efforts to build a school that meets national standards.

On this occasion, HCMB had a chance to communicate with the school, teachers and children. With the spirit of sharing corporate social responsibility (CSR), BSL HCMB donated many school supplies and books to students.

The happy students at Doan Ket Primary School

Witnessed students’ smiles made the whole HCMB leave the difficulty behind. The team always remembers that moment when giving gifts to each student with their happiness.

Branch Director of BSL HCMB gives gifts to children

To spread the reading culture and build a better future for them, HCMB donated more than 50 reference reading books of all kinds.

HCM Branch hands over drum sets to Doan Ket Primary School

In addition, HCMB gave the children 20 sets of books and schoolbags and 1 set of drums to help the school improve extracurricular activities.

After the extracurricular exchange, the whole HCMB took souvenir photos with the students and promised the next time.

BSL HCMB volunteer team

After the trip, each individual was recharged with energy and worked hard for the assigned task. Moreover, each member has a better understanding of BSL’s vision, which is to develop together sustainably and contribute to society!