On the occasion of the new academic year 2023-2024, BIDV – Sumi TRUST Financial Leasing Company (BSL) organized the activity “Supporting Back-to-School” by visiting Tan Son Primary School (Bac Giang) and Nguyen Duy Hieu Elementary and Middle School (Quang Nam).

On September 5, 2023, in the spirit of excitement and joy for the new academic year 2023-2024, the Leadership Board and members of the Hanoi Branch of BIDV–SuMi TRUST Financial Leasing Company (BSL Hanoi) organized a visit and gift-giving activity to students in difficult circumstances at Tan Son Primary School in Luc Ngan District, Bac Giang Province. The Hanoi delegation departed at 4:30 AM, overcoming a distance of nearly 200 km to personally deliver the gifts to the students during the new school year opening ceremony.

Tan Son Primary School No. 1 is located in the challenging area of Tan Son commune, with many students belonging to ethnic minorities. About 35% of the students come from poor households, facing difficulties in their studies, especially during the rainy season when transportation to school becomes a major obstacle. Despite these challenges, the school maintains one main campus and three satellite campuses in different villages, creating opportunities for the students to attend school.

In line with its Sustainable Development policy, which aims to promote human value and reduce educational imbalances, and with a desire to support students with a strong desire for learning, BSL Hanoi presented 20 Hong Ha notebooks and 200,000 VND to 22 students in difficult circumstances. These gifts serve as encouragement and motivation for the students to strive for academic success. The smiles on the faces of the children and their promises to study diligently and achieve high academic results are priceless gifts for the members of the delegation.

The Hanoi branch of BSL, as a representative, presented 22 gifts to students in difficult circumstances.

Through discussions with the school administration and teachers, it was noted that Tan Son Primary School No. 1 still has many students from particularly challenging family backgrounds. As a result, BSL Hanoi visited the families of some of these students with the intention of providing further support.

BSL visited the families of students from poor households in the commune

Also on the morning of September 5, 2023, representatives from the Leadership Board and youth members of BSL Da Nang departed to visit and meet with students at Nguyen Duy Hieu Elementary and Middle School in Binh Dinh Bac commune, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province.

The Branch Director, representing BSL, presented six sets of stone benches with the aim of making the campus of Nguyen Duy Hieu Elementary and Middle School more “green, clean, and beautiful.” Additionally, the donation of two multi-functional water filtration machines aimed to ensure clean water supply for the students throughout their study period, improve the quality of school life, and enhance the health of the students.

The BSL Da Nang branch, as a representative of the company, donated 6 sets of stone benches and 2 water filtration machines to the school


The Principal of Nguyen Duy Hieu Elementary and Middle School expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the school for the practical support provided by BSL to the students and teachers. The school also extended wishes for good health to all BSL staff members and expressed hopes for the company’s continued success in its activities.

These visits helped BSL members gain a deeper understanding of the spirit of sharing and the responsibility of businesses towards society. It further emphasized the company’s values of sustainable development, contributing to the community, and supporting those in need.

-Thao Nguyen-