BSL Year-End Talk Show 2022

BSL Year-End Talk Show 2022


Year End Party is an annual event of BSL, organized to review business performance and recognize individuals and groups of employees with excellent achievements in the year, strengthening staff spirits after a long year of dedication.

On Friday, January 13, 2023, BSL successfully organized Welcome 2023 event (Year End Party) with the theme of Growing Together to farewell to the Year of Tiger 2022 and welcome the Year of Cat 2023. the event included all staff of BIDV-SuMi TRUST leasing Co., Ltd at 3 locations: Hanoi, Da Nang and HCM. Moreover, VIP leaders of BIDV mainly joined the event in Hanoi.

There is a difference between Welcome 2023 this year and normal Year End Parties. This year, Welcome 2023 became a small talk show to share stories about the past year. The most special thing about the event is the full presence of 3 branches: Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh via online. Representatives of BoEs lead the talk show at each branch.

Đại diện cấp cao BIDV và Cán bộ nhân viên BSL - Trụ sở chính Hà Nội chụp ảnh lưu niệm

BIDV's VIP representatives and BSL staff - Hanoi Headquarters took souvenir photos

Cán bộ nhân viên chi nhánh Hà Nội chụp ảnh lưu niệm

Hanoi Branch

Chương trình trò chuyện cuối năm của BSL tại điểm cầu Hà Nội dưới sự dẫn dắt của CEO Nguyễn Thiều Sơn.
BSL Year End talk show in Hanoi under the leadership of CEO Nguyen Thieu Son

At the same time, in Da Nang, the event took place with the companionship of Mr.Hoang Van Phuc, Deputy Director of BSL in a cozy vibe.

Phó tổng Giám đốc Hoàng Văn Phúc và chi nhánh Đà Nẵng

Mr. Hoang Van Phuc, Deputy Director of BSL and Da Nang Branch

In the third location, there are the dynamic and enthusiastic members of the Ho Chi Minh Branch and the presence of Mr. Takahashi Satoshi, Deputy Director of BSL.

Phó tổng Giám đốc Takahashi Satoshi và chi nhánh Hồ Chí Minh
Mr. Takahashi Satoshi, Deputy Director of BSL and Ho Chi Minh Branch

In the talk show, BoEs of BSL and BIDV’s VIP representatives share difficulties, evaluate the efforts of the entire company and determine the vision and orientation for the next year. After that, there was a Sale contest that honored excellent sale staff with the aim to create motivation and build a young, enthusiastic and strong sales team.

Giải thưởng Nhân viên phát triển khách hàng mới xuất sắc

Outstanding New Customer Development Employee Award


Excellent Business Employee Award

The event was followed by a special performance in "The Voice BSL". They were carefully prepared by BSL staff.

Party opening moment

“Like A Yesterday” performance

“Sunny love” performance

Giving gifts to lucky employees who won Lucky Draw

Closing Welcome 2023 events of BSL, Growing Together is the thanks and sharing of Board of Members achievements in the past year. On the other hand, the event gives motivation and sends a message of a future with opportunities as well as challenges ahead which require each BSL member always “The pursuit of betterment”.