Mid-Autumn Festival Show 2020

Mid-Autumn Festival Show 2020

In the evening of October 30th, 2020, “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Show 2020” held by BSL Trade Union and Youth Union for all employees working at the Head Office, Hanoi Branch and their families was very colorful and exciting.

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival has long been considered a traditional culture of Vietnamese people. This is an opportunity for family gathers together to deal out Trung Thu’s cake, watch and admire the Moon , the day when almost every child is eager to go out with friends, to be immersed in the rhythm of the trumpet and the flower lights dazzling all over the street. Nowadays, Tet Trung Thu is always a happy holiday for children, an opportunity for children from all over the country to participate interesting activities.

With the expectation to express the love for children, a Mid-Autumn Festival Show for BSL employees at Head Office, Hanoi Branch and also their families was held after working hours by BSL Trade Union and Youth Union. Although this is the first time a Mid-Autumn Festival Show was held at BSL, but thanks to the prepared enthusiasm of Youth Union members, the small party "Happy Mid-Autumn Show 2020" took place in a very happy and cozy atmosphere, with many attractive performances.

Các em nhỏ giao lưu cùng Chị Hằng và Chú Cuội
BSL Children with Ms Hang and Mr Cuoi

After the first moments of hesitation, all BSL children were attracted and happily enjoy with the Trade Union members. Through the guidance and interaction with Ms Hang and Mr Cuoi, BSL children learned about the origin, meaning and customs of the nation during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Participating in Mr Cuoi's quiz game, BSL children had fun moments with cheery laughter, especially, they also received many small gifts prepared by Trade Union members.

Những tiết mục biểu diễn hấp dẫn
Amazing performances

" Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020" is not only a event that brings joy to BSL children, but also an opportunity for all BSL families to enjoy and connect with each other. This is also a good chance for Japanese colleagues working at BSL to learn about the traditional customs and cultural beauty of Vietnam.

Đại Gia đình BSL
BSL family

The Show was ended with a joyful and cozy atmosphere. Although no one wants to leave, we still have to say goodbye and look forward to meeting each other again in such meaningful shows.

BSL family, See you soon!

By Vuong Anh Thu