International women’s day and the story of happiness

International women’s day and the story of happiness

March 8 - International Women’s Day, is the special occasion that the whole society shows great appreciation and affection for women. To present the honor and love to "half of the world", organizations and families often celebrate this day with various meaningful activities.

The significant role and responsibility of the modern woman is undeniable: women are not only creating and keeping family’s happiness, but also participating in social activities and contributing to the development of their nations. With the aim of showing the dedication to all female employees, the Trade Union of BIDV - SuMi TRUST Leasing Company Limited (BSL) has cooperated with the Youth Union to organize a series of meaningful activities. The opening activity was ''Vietnam Ao Dai Week 2021'', launched by the Central Vietnam Women's Union. In daily work life, women of BSL often wear formal clothes that show a dynamic, energetic and professional appearance, however, when they wear traditional and delicate Ao Dai, the aesthetic and graceful beauty of all female employees made all male colleagues amazed.

For the women, being beautiful is not enough, they also need a happy life among their beloved relatives. As mentioned above, modern women today are making increasingly great contributions to their families and society, therefore, another special gift has been given to all BSL’s women by the Trade Union. A seminar with the topic `` Happiness - a way to balance personal life and work '' has been held at BSL’s head office with the Talk of Ms. Nguyen Van Anh - Director of Research Center and Applying science about Gender - Family - Women and Adolescents, and also the Top 50 most influential women in Vietnam in 2017 voted by Forbes magazine.

At the beginning of the conversation, Ms. Van Anh shared that "Happiness" is a concept that we cannot give an exact definition or concept, because each person has different joys and purposes. Happiness is based on emotions and also depends on individual goals. But no matter how you understand it, happiness is still a category that belongs to a relaxed, happy mental or psychological state when people achieve their own desires, goals and ideals.  Happiness in human life includes many rich and varied manifestations. It can be made up of tangible material, or it can also be generated from spiritual life.

However, even if you have achieved the goals that you planned, are you really feeling happy? Can the relaxed, happy mood last forever? Or people will quickly forget and return to the original mood? Ms. Van Anh gave a question: do you think you are a happy person? For BSL’s women, this question really left confusion in their thoughts. Some people think that they are happy, the others think that happiness is a psychological state and they do not always keep that psychological state. There are 365 days in a year, people cannot always be happy during the whole 365 days. There will be days when things go wrong, difficulties appear that make us worried. Everyone has their own situation and their own feelings for each issue, so happiness cannot be counted to say who is happier.

However, as Ms. Van Anh’s sharing: ignoring the things we cannot control, we can choose a right attitude to live for ourselves. Living confidently - lovingly - love nature - vigorously - tolerance filled with love and satisfy with what you have. That is Happiness.

The conversation really brought a lot of new perspectives to the BSL’s women by sharing concerns about happiness, keeping balance in life. From there, more positive changes can be opened up and increased excitement for women, they will always be beautiful flowers of society, their families and BSL.

The Talk share is not only for women but also for all staffs at BSL. Because happiness cannot come from only one side, it must come from sharing, sympathy, and love among individuals in the family, society. We are only really happy when the people we love are also happy.


Xuan Hoa