Why leasing?

The many benefits of leasing


“ of all equipment acquired in the US is acquired under a lease contract ”

Gallup Survey stated


“ of US businesses from small to the Fortune 500 enterprises lease a portion of their equipment ”

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is the total leasing transaction volume of top 50 countries in leasing in 2015

World Leasing Yearbook 2015



is the total lease transaction volume of Japan in 2015

Japan Leasing Association

meanwhile in VIETNAM


is the total outstanding balance of finance lease of leasing companies in Vietnam in 2015

Do you feel the Vietnamese leasing market is small? We see big potentials in it!

Why Leasing?

Financial leasing is the activity of mid-and long-term financing via asset leasing. This is one of the fastest growing and most popular sources of fund in the world today.Why?

An alternative way for equipment investment yet working capital conservation

Financial leasing helps you to acquire long-term assets (new machines and equipment), especially equipment with quick-evolving technology without affecting your financial structure (short-term and long-term loans) or even in case you have limit in your current cash.

In other words, you can conserve your working capital (due to the smaller outflow of capital) and streamline your cash-flow.

An additional source of financing besides fund borrowing without affecting credit lines from banks

Leasing enables you to utilize your funding sources effectively by preserving the credit line from banks; or even assets to be used as collateral, yet still to be able to acquire the needed assets to ensure the growth of your business and production.

Flexible lease term

The Lease term can be tailored flexibly based on the regulated useful life of the asset, as the result, you can choose a lease term fitting your financial situation.

Rationalization of administrative work

Leasing supports you to reduce cumbersome procedures associated with the asset in case you purchase it yourself such as ordering, importing, registration, tax and fees payment, regular maintenance etc., which leads to the mitigation in workload and labor-cost.

Increase of sales volume

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor or dealer, leasing can help to increase your sales volume by introducing a new source of funding to your customer, while you don’t have to worry about collection risk.

Leasing is Flexible, Practical and Cost Effective

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